Sending Pakmwr Back in time. Before we reached/populated. To rewire shorts in . Told stories this way. The distance between Web’s concave windows and Pakmers stun presence. . . .Murray reveals, “must have flasback reincarnated amnesias -sh_stop. No Transmit Web.” Silence unravels for how long.
Call? Through Time Murray? Finally Pakmer clears%_ unscrambles appearances across Elliot’s resolutions and the bright ignorance inside Web. Connect 100 ships RatKing Following orbits/coursed/set.. angles at the M-O-O-N. which Humored Pakmer, before he leapt, stated_said. Like Hope Pakmer told. 
To $+@&+○\/€&. He journal. Got it all partition. If you wanna touch the connection. Too much finger in the 

Translates to signal as texts across infinty and blackhole into Jumbled messages filtering tangled glimpses along wrist. Types Pakmer. Face shitleld burst. Shield Pakmer thrusts in illogical hosts.

“Call Pakmer.” Murray ghosts like hollograms Web designs and clone. Who knows where in Time. Who knows .  .  Who knows . .
Gravity’s Rainbow; and angels threw their weapons down. Cup.


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