Knight of Lost Fire

Charli is back! She’s a great inspiration and held together thee Ranch even through such trying times for her. I am quite honored to be a part of something so special. And this world needs more folks like the lead buckaroo, the captain, the Queen, and the positive spirit that provides so much light for those left in this darkness that writing can be.

Although i seem to be speaking to a crowd of imaginary followers, there will be a time and place for my work. And i know Charli creates a home for my words and flashes; which reflects the theme and my piece for ths weeks prompt and return to the Carrot Ranch:
June 22, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about home. What is it? How does it impact a character? Explore the idea of home from any spark that creates a story.

Respond by June 28, 2016 to be included in the weekly compilation

All writers are welcome!

If we could contain, or bottle the essence and spirit that Charli has created it would be like the taming of fire, like a fireplace and how a house holds a place for a once ancient entity for survival; as if humans built shelters around it and became a…

Knight of Lost Fire

A home is …. At a sloped drive on Amber Ct., everyone smells the lingering at some point; from rooms above, splitting, and to the garage beneath the grade… where –“actually developed this contraption that converts 12,470 Volts through a sort of trianglulated assemblage…”—“Oh, like a stealth shape?”—“Yeah!!”—“How interestingly Aaaawesome.”— wafting luxurious aroma –“Thanks!.. Anyway, it’s really just a steel tank with flimsy resin covered paper around aluminum coils that wind the current….,” Nevaro sinks through the oracle like falling heavy into a sheet wrapping air, “so it seems I have carefully….”— clasps inexorable rootless fire.


7 thoughts on “Knight of Lost Fire

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  2. Take heart Elliot. Be true to your writing. Your crowd of followers may be imaginary at first, but persevere and they will find you. Your writing is unique. It is you. It reminds me of poetry I read in the 70s. I no longer have any idea of the genre.
    You have written a beautiful tribute to Charli, and an interesting flash. How wonderful it would be to be able to capture the essence of one’s energy and spirit, without diminishing the original, of course.

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    • 78 was a good year. My first memories.. id b interested to read some of that Norah.

      Its always filtered. Yet were so close, we almost touch as we move forward. It feels more and more aligned everday. What is and what will never be.

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  3. Another fabulous flash sparking with creativity! Your writing has a pulse and I like the idea of fire, that element said to separate us from animals, is still a feature of home. It makes me think, if we lose the heater we might lose the humanity. And thank you for your uplifting charge of words for Carrot Ranch and what we are doing there as writers!

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