Black Market Mercurio (part Mercurio)


I TELL YOU WHAT.. _while Murrays screaming falling trees…there’s Elliot Lyngreen; only when hope is lost; hope is found…damn; ..No. no. no. Only when hope is found; hope is lost. forgive me good Lord. help but write Ohh about _ _ _ _ Yea just like that Murray. Murray Webster litters it one hand. right. Upon aphasia, relations filtering tangled glimpses contained metallic in others words in them LED holes. sniper peering wildlife…muted Elliot dots then dashes, fingers _ like it pearl jams carved in stocking caps stun snag & scat in Blink hooded sweatshirt; Yikes that ripe. and then.    . that read filling gaps, cog blanks formatting the intangible ninjas stung snug. snuck. sunk inside Web’s ride; stunk w//_hope: cranked close to my own admiring of this great story; and u-turn down into there Murraculous. touch. yea u catch the glow. trianglulate production. action! change fear of the invisible into being..,So ignore so ignore the chaos, the pressure, the doubles dismal red-eye everywhere that lingered inside the ride. a great big panic that; yea. like that. deja Vu past blast hypnotic at the same gorgeous green times to afterlife-like tech tonic skies. future.,,,Murray Webster’s. So. cool. so Getting a look….@/onto our side of the_ keyed into #SafarMix. into then real similar watching like old undiscovered films as Speaks of intercepting tides reception comes confuse us further saying #Zykos……commands _zykos search: that which mmm makes you. and makes _ realize your (going back to) Myspace. you are ghostbuster gargoyles. or maybee music you are. just odd tapes. cassettes. you are film. laser school notebooks are you cat trapped errors. you vociferous bright goon. already you’re the image. you are shredded awesome before they advent. so oh unravel in miscellaneous scraps amongst Murray’s trashed floor with fast food wraps and fingers fast fasting fingers flying rapt in finding #Moviehome to whwith memorize in your eyes mixed more over myyeears impeccable shuffle gripped to wheel all in an amazing rut, steering down the moon, always angles at the moon….I swear….to drag the thing straight toward..nothing…. always right?  but just listen to it fucking busting away from these lone arguments too wicked to escape the dogged sense of being and of feeling ……as.Elliots clicking it all into some sense so, so Murray, a Taurus of reasoning[SO WHAT that be the catch. the shadow of electricity..?! eh. Imaginations meets realities. You wanna Touch the blue creativity. ride the 12,oooVolts. You transformer. crawl the single phase secondary to the marble blessed introduction all at once. surge into residences…hey ? here’s a machete. u remember the way out. #fantastic:_production. poison the blue shoes. walk the moon – step in it with ^bam_click/stocks/ontherise/clip_clicks. too.. shit #turntheradiodown and splice it in the time line.

-bullcrap simultaneous fiber ferrules link to switches innverted. flash back and reincarnate in flash language but déjà Vu via an American Amen that overfilled the bs .with. Thank You.cuz winter! is killing me -this year! call me Tokyo. I’m coming Home!!! Call me. the bells are sinking now. And Im radioing out. Shuffle to Bury Yourself here. turn Radio down and shuttle it too. We must listen together…..Green light. go go go! Please angel rise from your grave-

Stealing the inevitable #halobrokeninto _whistleswhenIwalk past your cemetery gates. connect the dots. connect and attach if/then and here’s hopes heres hear hope’s entrance] as slowly down roars Murray Webster sincerely, “WHAT IF I TOLD YOu…what if I told you..I was…..allergic to that inextricable knot? seems pretty stupid duh. or dope?  like oh this boy. think himself allergic to everything. No. no that like telling folks bout fighting moon flu. yea u know. hovers my head. it’s only in my —well. whoa. ass. wouldn’t bee me if I then said to put to put -to put it that that it was never about another there disease in there..I know I  ain’t dying. don’t b redicilous and look upon like I can’t be allergic to the moon  [[ome on make it uh….That it’s.” Erase those memories with the spaces that rest in history when..”it’s not that. Color beams now transferred up there and back but…Damnit!” tightening noose, as Web strings fresh breaths, “Link? it is. a lpl. lack of enzymes? maybe? maybe that’s the one to ask. oh just what is the correct question?  we’ll never…touch That rock.” And the answer…”yet, like its like my krypto_yes!? ignite. type this up! Yes!” [don’t wait for your wings to awake. follow separate parallel phases to reach/ground. Jump ropes? I would. something about streams. mix… I dont want to be Dali. Scott. free. free of Scott. oh no. no. no. I don’t make the shit up. they made it for me.] “go-ahead. write it down. get it… fold it up and leave it in my..ride. [get bent. go. follow the   brick road. aaaaand ahhhh. ha right. tag ur it. if/then in the blank so we can touch/connect/attach that which you are    to the moon light     and     see. I ask what do you see? Close in on imagination as our heads tilt clockwise _ go.] “yeah yes!” [explode  mmm…and the charge. Change stains one-fifth/quarter surreal unglued diversion.] “feeling the magnetic force. it pulls coarse. makes me weak. The blue wonder of have we already did this? so heavy-like being cast in its shadow/in its light. Green as it as it has become. Hanging perfume…” [so hyper extend  @simultaneous reflections then Murray recalculate algebra one equation  that so did wee and so cut the _string intro on that #hotwednesday() all I’m saying ] “here it comes crazy nuts,” {but, when, was, this is… not questioning anymore. which is not the answer. now when the question ensues.. my answer will b that I’m confused. but so now are you. so wHEn in the hell are we to? Maybe now is when it will} “and Im going askew. to that… maybe. nah but ask your self Link? but your kids will love this..?” .remember that the #standard converted _procedure “No, seriously Link.? who would want the great power put in bends bent on the paths back up to the..?” It takes getting used to but the mucusy moving out of the glow [now. so no one….anyone.? _ wants to rage a serve right up to the moon? via the yellow brick road.?? Right]. “oh holy. mother. know what. Know what b real as rock n roll.?? Link rocks. n. rolls. to that’s righ. …? Zykos search _Moviehome no way it’s ohhhhh so what u should be reading of; buddio….” (but) that metro Murray or Mecurio Webster explained, slid littered clutches shifting fields of clumps within dark apple glowing passenger seat thank you death cab for cutie as there TO THE MOON {at once} %%uWEB _ _ _ _  fingered Elliot’s resolutions. instantly. yes! searching. typing up Murray’s rambles. dashtop illuminate the record of his storied enemy: _light. go: enter. listen, “click. Bam! we on the fuckin moon. there. that’s how it should be.”-reading Elliot robotic. “cured.” poetic sounds thru incomplete commands computed “search. Gordian Knot”-apathetic “oh Jesus?!” -“But.. U. web. can. b. -yank. up to the moon “bam Elliot that’s brilliantly perfect. sample that. play the crystal lattice.”-forgive your self -“B. here. then. there u r. u go. within without.”-“face ghost the machine…” and Radio switches our sound on like some knight of lost fire encapsulating our world like wrapping into a sheet


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