Box Elder M-O (Montana)

99-word flash at Thee Ranch. This here’s to the Butterfly Effect.

May 4, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) include insects in a story. Periwinkles, bees laden with pollen, ants building hills. What can insects add to a story? Do they foreshadow, set a tone, provide a scientific point of interest or a mystical element? Let you inner periwinkles fly!

Respond by May 10, 2016 to be included in the weekly compilation. Rules are here. All writers are welcome!

Smothering in unconditioned Long John Silvers, fries aftertaste is flies. Free substance rots, overwhelms, smashing bug squishes airs pavement. Wipers smear mayflies across the windshield. “Never see those flying. Or swarming. It’s like the invasion spontaneously envelope everything.” Treck’s ride has bee carcasses across the area above the back seat. Whenever staying at Treck’s, his basement bedroom, earwigs and bedbugs, silverfish randomly appear in exposed wall portions where the furring and paneling are unfinished. Box Elders cloak bright windows.. Read his walls; covered with writings. Cuz Treck always plays this one song. We cruise.  Find reasons, places, the masses…


16 thoughts on “Box Elder M-O (Montana)

  1. I used to live on a Boxelder Street. I had to ask my parents what the street was named for. That spring, I found out when the infestations started. After reading your piece, I feel the creepy crawlies all around me. ::shudder::


    • Usually august, the dog days, the summer when its pure heat brings swarms of mayflies and the boxelders round here… And here I really just want to go to Box Elder MO =] seems like an awe-inspiring little town.


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    • Certainly. Long John Silvers are seafood fastfood restaurants. Like world famous Mcdonalds, only not so famous. I dont if they still exist. They had deep fried fish and large steak fries. Little behind the curtain, growing up it was just me and my brother with my dad. He never cooked so we lived on these kinds of places usually for dinner. They still burn. And LJS in particular was one of the worst of these inevitable joints doom to rot… I swear the fries tasted like that smell of dead flies, but no one else did.

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  3. There’s that space between winter and spring when a sunny day hatches all the hibernating bugs and new spiders come out of cracks to dine. We have something similar to a box elder but with a different design. Then summer arrives and everything is content to flee outside until fall. Enjoyed the music, too!

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  4. This reminds me of two things. 1) The time, when young I left my soda at the picnic table uncovered – to return finding it a wasps swimming hole. 2) an invasion of lady bugs at a friends country home.

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