Black Market Mercurio (part 4)

“I-‘ont wanna hide. I have to yo. U think i want to ..” like an artist or writer, Dulante explains further, “Don’t want to censor myself or conform to the story, nah everyone wants they diary streamin on the page. Well mine asks how would u like to die? Not go home. Not wake tomorrow?” And I spend every day with the feelings of withdrawal, thinking as the exchange exhales of gas fumes and the inexorable exhaust atmosphere sweep us back in and around the unappealing East inside; compacted sidestreet holes, tiny front yards along that network of roads, backdoors emanate stretches from dirty alleys and potholes and like bricks in-between the pavement. This subcity begins so much before us; and quite often these folks will run through the perpetually ancient vapor. Lightly underneath things hide the gaps of teeth, glinting obstacles merge like shortcuts in and around the dirt railroads…squeezing in beaten scraping looks upon me…the drums of hearts getting ahead of me, all vibrating some high pitched accumulation so quick and instant i’m swaying feelings for #icantstandbyyyy_seeyoudestroyed —drum-double pounds like tribal bongs reflecting her thoughts or something— the subcity daylight extracting that no no #weeesodown –but the black lull then come back a second inevitably building again of the magnificent story carrying you through the stained windows into into her resonantly ignited ineffable city edges, upon grassy edges, the driveless ride through sidestreets that catch the (bring it (help me out here Radio)) #seeeeizethetiiihiiiime —right there, “heard the Power Strung Out?” In culminating echoes and high pitched waverings and fuzz, in distortions perfectly loud, mix nothingness of noise that continually lingers on purely strange within, that/this voice endearingly #cuziknoooooooooooooooo  —rolling out things faster and faster as I start thinking all overcome with insignificance and fantasies that never happen of what the means. Yet, as if that needled chills through me, went incredibly within those wonders looking at me, now, as if for the first time; building and drum beat like shot of some sniper; there, in the wiry sagging universe #cuzitsnoworneverbabayeah just let loose at first anticipating as it all sponge, began…And trying to keep up with words and actual writing of the anxious soft glare in this dark dudes eyes, D that I don’t know how but it says perfectly the kingdom tied to meaning and purpose of eww rushing through the initial quiet connection of white and brown men; in the settled earth expecting utopia or the future of whatever was supposed to be a better world for us. As the automatic switch changed the mood, “Ok..?”–“You know. How would you like if there’s no cure? but there is relief, and you cannot have it..?” Everyone wants me to suffer, “can u imagine how that makes ME feel???” Ha! ho. damnit. no. no “don’t get me hung up on the headache. But go intense with me into these spots with a camera…..right?” Cobweb brains mush into thee world and find next to nothing. Leaving me lingering so far behind u world. Always got ur back. Slam! So up we roar to this little elixir and where we should be and where we connect/agree//relate. Doves – pounding Cedar Room. Now this switch moons over D and break through the sensation in all the silence here between him and me…as I cannot believe as I hear with a great imagining of things while it happening, myself saying, “if it not happening/irritating r u trying to figure out why its happening?….it’s all not going to happen like well…._ shoot..bang. just like that; though, when nothing gets rid of ..moreover, though, but not instantly; how much time you gonna spend thinking on it? yea and what I mean is: when u don’t hav one…don’t really even think about it.  right?”–“You dont have to justify to me we doing the right thing, Linkage.” There’s a headaches of sentences Dulante catches within mine drifting, “that if its easy enough to take an aspirin to get rid of an old headache; then for, lets say somataform disorder it could be the same; or fibermyalgia, or bipolars and depressed, or cancer- maybe! hail yea cuz a headache is in the brain..just think it away.. its not in the visions within… its not in the vision so…ok stop. cuz we about to reach the moon.” And I take another cure to elongate the cure… #youcouldbesittingnexttome_andiwouldntknowit


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