Black Market Mercurio (part 3)

It….was a band named Radio back there in the day busting Frankies, perched peaked and preached about commercial competition but when covers turned over to seem brand new and they told those truths, and lived, accepted, advanced quicker the 20th century as free as we would ever be?..;, Radio launched heads; or should i say minds rip upside down backwards, split [the atom visual] so wake up champ. Champ. Wake up champ… Dulante turn screen into time, turns the swinging slamming creaks from them back screendoor into time the rebellion seemed indefinite but impossible, forced, slammed and obliterated in our mind all at the instant. We roll up dilapidation, beaten homes like we ready to make em gold. Soooo would hav made a different move if had known. Ahead of time. Sure there was a great collision… But what about for them?….. Up there. Out where.. “Dont giv me that shit theia.. aw shit who banged// smashed earth? Elliott Google that,” drip drip drip…instant.

When Radio explained them.. we finally accepted our infinity. When we reached the end before the roads stops….we accepted the heavens surrounding us. Go.To thinking these are simpler times, and the future smears sights at excruciating and grotesque speed too much to consume in this, the primitive period of the universe. Gripped in the probability of winning the lottery; the answers, the terrified  mystery… Quotes novel history. So studies upon lyrics/cliff notes led to the knowledge, and the shrink/zip files. They needs to just flint then spark into the overwhelmed, by and with creative madness; captured yet in that knot the whole universe and true reasoning of the traditional figuring of meant to be.. coincidentally, accidentally, or maybe yes means to be.. as they just knew they were. Meant to be. We were. And so, just the way art can …Let critics apply interpretations, which limit the meanings; but cut, snip that how they eclipse them before the collision…that sent a headful of ideas spread driving insanely sync-type saving raged in the glass city. Shattered in in its truth, opening the origins in the bottle, or in other words, in its forgotten roots, in space swirling spun unto an implosion sending us to the moon…and “oh how do you do all that needling of lines bigger and better in uncovered layers… Wait. My cycles are just spinning. Oh my oh my.” Evolved world Oh glory heed for grace had we evolved..this time leaving every trace. And if we dont let these folks change then they wont. If we don’t let them know what we talking about: Like mighty human skeletons, fossils of radio, those who will never hold the unknown… that’s punk ass fuckin hail- cuz they was brown. But dash-like skinhead punk popped with here we are, the very first civilization ever. We merely began when that short_curcuit it up – trying to stop us… Technologies advance 100 years, beam, bam. Faster. Faster. They ripped into the new century past the end of it all thinking like sheet We the first planet. We all jest startin up here on earth… and right here and now are the ancient times, the dark ages of the galaxy, universe, beyond, them. The ends and wherever they may be…. Dulante shoves a dobe ripping guts to sit on an old sofa. Giants leaping across stages, diving into arms like gods across pods, seeds/planets..too tremendous, spaceships..narrowly heard the attempt at escaping what an incredible dream to believe the magic that we could, or that we had somewhere to go. The bold gift #wewillgrowtoinfinity they screamed; and this lady I meant to introduce, she slipped the gem to us or from them. I cannot tell. But we are the Giants. We created ourselves… Let them develop, in your rage/mind; cuz here they must come. Thanks for living.


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