If i could talk to Ed

Poe, .(…to know the end before the heart stops)Ignore the ambiguities and lock the brakes. we found our roses. mmmm SMELLIN SOMETHING about silver satellites and the sky sync to that switch just a flip upon the looming, oooowone more gold wherewithal slip..click..yeah..telescope-magnify right in the canals to passively -phoom! utilize/transport/land on the moon. From the light of the dark black night/The great seashell craze… All, needling lines curved bigger and better in formation than the actual fast-as-the-eyes-can see speakers hitting the fan…. Ahhh seize and stand on the brink of cosmic breaking point. and go – No. Then shit burst quite back like a little scribble of infrared glass erupting soundtrack and on and on enveloping as a reminder of how it’s such a fine metaphor he was driving nuts about… Eddie I just gone left in the feeling, sensations, and I just sharing with you my dude….So, for the honesty, I can’t ignore…. either; but let me explain – here comes the Suns burning scrambling from the time. Upon and into Imagining the grand influences erupting within; the constant drip drip drip you heard, oh Edgar.. mines a continuous wash..seashell rush, until switch/breaks light up and gets me twisted as flux that i must keep shedding of…. unveiling to _all #weknewthisiswhatforevermeant


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