Black Market Mercurio

Here It goes………NOw the ducking rage!! welldamn this phone! OH AND I GUESS THAT I JUST DON’T KNOW but that’s just about right headbanging violent hair LIKE sanguine mentioning of What does it mean (to be) cut from the team? – #thousandcleverlinesunreadonclevernapkins … Maybe.. OR perhaps I’m watching This fierce Jimi Hendrix filming thinking….with rashing cilia…Let me officially introduce to you Folks: the relay of the scene; where he first snares Eric Clapton’s stage and scares the dude disappearing off into sweet absent mirroring to a crowding cat, “holy crap is he that bloody good;” cheeky bastard…lmao—well like emailing myself back and forth with a little United Damnation…these eyes nebulating…got meeself all nibbling nails flowing for fucking up the rhapsody and unravelling truth following uncommon aligning to reinforce all the hearts …… –oh London [seems letting ears loose on the power of love dismantling the love of power; was inaccurate—] …damn .. No seriously, I’m reversing those bemusing scams and searching within hooking up a little bit on the dusting for these withered whims..AND WILL YOU TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS…..let’s go.—- soft fantastic curiosity always so sneaking close to viral sensations way inside these extended atmospheres assumes the mimicking altered entrance to the plastic access: Instantly reflect accelerated inside corners to that’s right shoves so hype-ripped on the pavement in creasing intertwines careen, my my criss-crossed meterorite through these lensed leaned-in indescribable tunes, tones two dirt-shriveled typhoons burst instantly simultaneous Uncolliding the stars and unwarping crisp massive scattering snares of them beams cast…..Yeah, precisely edging back together rocks rolled with in-between burnt spaces fission with reddened rays crouching into vanishing points swelled into pinhole in pinhole beaten sky and land the spinning theory of one equation …pure mmm utterly furious unleash, unwrapping imagery going hot damn I will love reading to this switch. Then losing it over and over. Right. But Reorienting to the page such a speed to recover the freaking imagining [my ass blasted face down down across the floor and around corners] taking off to simply under the covers; explaining what it’s like to be the befuddled backing into how stories are for Steven. . And posts are for decks. Yet Back into interpretations limiting the meanings; right? That’s what I was going to be ………Amazing. While extending views mixing up oily kernels as im waiting for the man who’s a spLitting image reincarnated I swear of the experience…and like like always myyhead and wondering…..pickin up popcorn oh Clip, crap, readings and just cut to chasing of beautiful poetry. Nah, b like – this my wriggle boggles out of the ordinary; reflecting to my display hits just crowning, smothering this imp. Loading ways of backing into all my hope then bows for thee… running shortcuts to the surroundings, making the real seem impossible and just enhancing Everything In the soft blasting tunnel #thisallwasonlywishfulthinking #hotwednesdays_w//TakingBackSunday. As Youtube connect in nearly unheard whispering…there; as from outside my ride, a new light skies in, this very familiar brown peace, sits behind me. Perhaps into headphones neighboring, wiring clean out of hell caught on tape, spinning, one snip, two clips,, and this tremendous unbundling, curtains fling…“so my dude, move ‘at Chicago to the East??”…. slacked eyes exactly within three seconds beyond speakers’ scribble…, “Let’s Go-oh”, just eclipses every other reaction; revs the dribbling…..


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